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My Services

My Services

Real Estate Service

Being a REALOR in NY I serve 5 boroughs. Real Estate is something that always fascinate me. It's the best investment. I can help you in any question or way should you need any help in Real Estate matter. You do not need to go anywhere. I have mortgage guys, lawyers, appraisers, inspectors etc. You can go to where I have useful information regarding real estate eg. calculators, mortgage, rental, find out how much is your home worth, school district finder, neighborhood composition etc.

Software Development & IT Services

IT is something that is found everywhere. Think about a small office (they need computers), big office (computers and servers), car (wifi connectivity + android), coffee shop (wifi +POS+ local server), restaurant (POS + receipt printer + kitchen printer + cctv cameras), etc etc. IT services are needed everywhere. Any small or big company needs some kind of CRM to manage their customers or data. Sooner or later companies will have to move to cloud data and computing. Since I graduated in IT I am into technical stuff and just like it. So, any job you have eg. camera installation, web development, wiring, networking, software (POS, CRM etc) or any custom development, just give us a chance to serve you.

VoIP IVR Phone System & IPTV Service

Well, don't just a simple phone line and number from a local telephone company. Time has changed and you need to change too. Give your business a professional look when someone calls you. Have someone hear "Thanks for calling John Doe Insurance Company. For Sales press 1, for claims press 2, or to talk to the operator please press 0". This, gives a million dollar professional boost to your business. The best thing is that there is no commitment. No monthly bills or contracts. This is Pay As You Go service. You pay for whatever minutes you use. Not only the phones but I can help you cut on your cable bill too. Get our IPTV service and enjoy all the channels for a lot less than your cable bill.


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